Vladimir Putin

Chisholm, Major-General Brock

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The vast problem of world health, with its many facets. The limits of statistics on world health. The changing concept of health. The long history of international health. The World Health Organization as the latest step in this long history and progress. Details of the WHO. Other Specialized Agencies of the United Nations; misconceptions about them. The diversity of activities crossing international boundaries, and the areas in which the countries of the world are co-operating with each other. The United Nations itself representing the latest step in the social development of the world. The need for hope at this stage of development of the human race. Methods by which the race has reached its present stage of development and why they will not serve in the future. Dealing with the fact that many countries are only now coming out of their Middle Ages. The need for national effort. The beginning of recognition by many nations of their international and world-wide responsibility for control of diseases. The situation in Canada. The high standards set by the United Nations. Recognition by many nations of the need for cooperative security, with example. Experiments in living going on in the world today. The misinterpretation of other countries, with example. Comparing oneself with our ancestors, not other countries. Still learning to live peacefully together.