Vladimir Putin

Taylor, Gen. Maxwell D.

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The United States concern of "mesmerization" with the problem of South Viet Nam. Some surprise at the interest in the U.S. of South Viet Nam. Examples of that interest. A perspective on Viet Nam; laying out the basic problems the U.S. has in that country, what they are trying to accomplish, and what the alternatives may be. Three questions posed, followed by attempted answers. They are: What is the basic objective of U.S. foreign policy in South Viet Nam, the basic objective of military and diplomatic efforts in this part of the world?; What has been the strategy which the U.S. has been following since at least early 1965?; Can we do better in the future? Some concluding remarks state that "we should accept the fact that we are on the right course in our overall strategy to gain the basic objective which we set out to reach. We can do much better, we must do much better in implementing the internal components of that strategy" followed by some specifics as to how the U.S. can do better.