Vladimir Putin

Hees, Hon. George

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The Budget presented to Parliament on March 29th last and its design to reduce the inflationary pressures which have caused the wholesale price index to increase by 3.2% during the past year, and to rise by another 4% during the present year, according to the Minister's forecast. Inflationary pressure and their cause. The method according to the Budget, chosen to reduce such pressures. The Budget's failure to introduce measures to encourage expanded production. Reasons why the Government has chosen this route. A critical explication of this issue. Four things which the speaker thinks Canada must have to keep the economy healthy. The attraction of foreign capital to Canada. Canada's experience with foreign-owned companies. An example of the co-operation received by the Canadian Government from the heads of Canadian corporations owned and controlled outside of Canada from the time when the national oil policy was in preparation in late 1960. The importance of the oil and gas industry to Canada. Why so much of Canada's development is owned and controlled outside of Canada. What can be done about winning back more ownership and control of our own development. Being more courageous in backing our development with our dollars.