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Grant, Sir James

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The speaker's interest in the movement started 15 years ago by the late Lord Minto who organized a Canadian Association for protection of our people from tuberculosis, and his visits to all parts of Canada with regard to this endeavour. His impression with the development of central Canada and its great future, its industrial importance, and its contribution towards the advancement in commerce of this great City of Toronto. The speaker's happy report that in many districts visited there has not been a single case of tuberculosis. Factors which went into wiping out this disease. Some personal anecdotes, reminiscences and biographical notes. A panoramic view of some parts of central Canada--Sudbury, Cobalt and Porcupine--whose development and evidence of life and vitality are truly remarkable; ways in which that is so. Sudbury as one of the most remarkable mineral centre today in the whole world. Some statistics on nickel production and employment provided. Silver production in Cobalt. Discovering that many of the largest mines were properties of the American people. Gold production in Porcupine. The growing town of Timmins. Some optimistic comments about the war.