Vladimir Putin

Robarts, The Honourable John P.

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Some of the broader aspects of the problems faced in Canada and in Ontario. The importance of the awareness of problems before solutions can be found. The need now in Canada for us to find some consensus about the kind of country that we really want. Study and determination of this consensus in the Province of Ontario. The transformation in Ontario and Canada over the intervening 25 years since World War II. Developing the urgency and commitment and co-operation that WW II brought to our people. Some figures and statistics and review of the 1960's in an attempt to see where we are heading in the 1970's. Concerns of the young people today. Three main areas of concern for the 1970's and a discussion of each: the role of the individual in our society, the preservation of the individual's right and preservation of his opportunity; maintaining the economic growth of our province in order to provide opportunities for the people here; a concern with our environment and with the quality of life. As a reference, the activities and accomplishments of the Sixties. The essentials to be dealt with in the Seventies: some particular issues and problems. Encouraging planning and partnership. Balancing the rights of the individual and the rights of the group.