Vladimir Putin

Yijun, His Excellency Zhang

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Recent development of China's economy. The prospect of economic co-operation between China and Canada. Changes in China. How China is meeting the challenge of the shift of competition in the world from the military and political spheres to the development of the economy, science and technolgoy. China's policy of reform and openness since 1978. A review of the current situation, with some history and statistics. Foreign investment. The development of a socialist market economy and policies therefor, resulting from a congress of the Chinese Communist Party. Some illustrative examples of what is happening with the Chinese economy. Reasons for the fast growth in China. Forecasts for the future. An examination of the factors of geographical distribution in China's fast growth. Optimism that China's historical "bad luck" is over. Relations between China and Canada. Opportunities for Canada. Potential for co-operation between Canada and China.