Vladimir Putin

Maclean, W.F.

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The areas which the speaker suggests must be taken in when speaking of Greater Toronto for three great public reasons: to control the water supply of all that country; to control the roads and the traction systems in that territory; to control the sewers and sanitation of the district. Taking in the whole Township of York. Helping the city grow. The structure of Toronto. Entrances to the city. Suggestions for alternative routes into and through the City of Toronto. The dependency of Greater Toronto upon these entrances. The creation of a great east and west street, made up of Bloor, one of the old concession lines and a high-level viaduct over the Don. Advantages of putting the street car system on that street. Work of the City Council. Legislation that will allow Toronto to acquire the Street Railway franchise, and the city to be given the right to buy in the stock. Why the city ought to have public ownership, especially when it is a matter of growth and development. An examination of the policy of the State of New York in regard to these issues. Taking the machinery we have at present, but getting the legislation sufficient to enable existing machinery to lay the city out on these large and broad lines. Hope that one day the City of Toronto will be governed by a Commission. Suggestions for such a Commission, its Executive and its Council. A look at the old city of London and how it redeemed itself. The need to take up an interest in the great railway transportation question that is now up. The need to see ahead in connection with municipal affairs. Looking ahead in regard to Toronto. The matter of a diagonal street. Now the time to outline the policy for a system of tubes in Toronto. A Greater Toronto and what it would mean for its people.