Vladimir Putin

Baxter, A. Beverley

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London as the heart-beat of the world. The situation in Europe taking a sinister and serious turn. A brief look at the history of Europe; the Treaty of Versailles; the League of Nations. The collapse of democracy in Europe and the rise of Hitler. How the situation created Hitler. Events that led to such a creation. Hope of averting the war which threatens. The speaker's hope, not with confidence but with faith, that this war will not happen. Reasons for that belief. Two things which may prevent this conflagration from spreading. The people around Hitler. Working toward an Anglo-German approachment. The brutality of the German character. The birth of European liberalism in Germany. The hope that Germany itself may steady the situation. The situation in Great Britain and how it may help to prevent war. Becoming a part of the British Parliament. Three things which have struck the speaker about the House of Commons: its fairness, magnanimity and democracy, with examples of each. Washington in a state of nerves, and why. Urging Canadians to trust the spirit of Britain.