Vladimir Putin

Stewart, John A.

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Face to face with some of the most powerful reactionary influences that ever cursed the world, directed against us not as individuals but as that which we represent: the underlying idea of the Anglo-Saxon Celtic world, that of liberty under law, and law tempered by justice and made glorious by mercy. What we mean to the world inimical to those great reactionary influences which oppose us today. On what they predicate their hope of success: the belief that they can drive a wedge between America and Great Britain that will sever us at least for the next two generations. Facts in relation to their propaganda and the way in which it is being played. The red peril not the real danger. Our danger coming from within. The world of thought, not of arms that we must fear. What is found in the American Press. Reference to Mr. De Valera, "so-called President of the so-called Irish Republic." Words from Colonel Theodore Roosevelt when he was President of the U.S. with regard to friendship between America and Great Britain. The Sulgrave Institution and what it stands for: friendship and good will between the people of the English-speaking world. Support for the League of Nations in the U.S. Constitutional conflicts with reference to the League of Nations. What has held the English-speaking nations spiritually together. Remembering the main thing: that the strong man must help to carry the burden of the weak, with historical instances.

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