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Parkes, David

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Peeved and disgruntled customers. The customer as the focus of everything done at Sprint Canada. The speaker the first to admit that since the launch of competition in the marketplace, the telecommunications industry has become more than a bit of a pain--in the media, on our phones, in our faces, and on the tube. Why we all need competition in the Canadian telecommunications industry: balance. The balance of power now resting with the customer because the choice is now ours, and choice is power. The implications of this re-balancing. The move from a monopolistic environment to a competitive one leading to a revolution in the telecommunications marketplace. A picture of the differences between then and now, with exemplary scenarios. Results of this revolution in terms of service offered. Sprint Canada's intentions, goals, and history. The CRTC's role in deregulation. What we have today "enlightened" regulation. Sprint Canada's success. Ways in which long-distance competition has been good for all of us: the consumer, business, the telecommunications industry, and the national economy. Recommendations for investment in Canadian telecommunications by CIBC Wood Gundy. Enjoying the benefits of this competition; putting up with the marketing wars for the short term. How we are going to get to a state of more normal market equilibrium in a mature competititive environment. Sprint Canada providing leadership and focus on the needs of customers.