Vladimir Putin

Randles, Arthur

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Some facts about the Merchant Navy. The speaker's background in Ocean Steamship traffic. The need for secrecy as regards the movements of ships. The speaker's function as defined by Order-in-Council. The welfare of the Merchant Seamen. The need for some place for the seamen to go, when in Canadian ports. The fact that most of our Allied seamen come from countries overrun by the foe. Caring for the sick and ship-wrecked men in our ports. The work of the Navy League of Canada, the I.O.D.E., the Salvation Army, the Catholic Women's League, the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Women's Naval Auxiliaries, etc. Finding these men some comfort ashore. The result as the Allied Merchant Seamen's Clubs in various ports, operated by the Navy League Divisions and financed from the Dominion Council in Toronto. Clubs in full operation in Halifax, Saint John, N.B., Sydney, Montreal, and Louisburg. Some figures to illustrate the need for such clubs. What is and has been contributed. What is still needed. The increase in the ordeals at sea as the war goes on. The provision of Merchant Seamen's Manning Pools. Purpose of the pools. A demonstration of the necessity of the Manning Pools. The training of Merchant Seamen. Qualifications required of seamen, and of engineers. The three types of seamen in Canada. Measures for the protection of Canadian seamen while serving at sea, whether on a Canadian ship or otherwise. The demands for more qualified seamen from Canada. The speaker's obligation to evolve an entirely new method whereby progressive training could be given, taking advantage of and utilizing certain existing facilities, as well as creating new ones. Details of the schools and programmes devised.