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A consideration of the St. Lawrence Seaway from three angles: The Treaty Rights and obligations upon the St. Lawrence; The works and facilities to be constructed thereon; Their effect upon the economy. In the following discussion, the address takes the form of responses to specific questions. They are: What rights have the citizens of the United States on the St. Lawrence River? What do we understand by the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway as now envisaged? What is the Great-Lakes-St. Lawrence Basin? What does the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway consist of? What is the nature of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence navigation as we know it today? What additional or new works are proposed? What effect will these facilities have upon the economy of Canada? Some concluding remarks. The benefits to be derived from navigation and power and their ramifications which are not only regional, but national and international. The estimate that the Seaway will bring savings to the Canadian economy of approximately $100,000,000 annually. The prosperity of Canada to a large extent dependent upon industrial production. The impossibility of that industrial production without modern transportation facilities and without power. Hence the incalculable benefits of this great project to both Canada and the United States.