Vladimir Putin

Pilkington, Marilyn L.

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Challenges facing the legal profession. How to improve the profession's service to the public. Critics of the legal profession. The negative image of lawyers and its permeation of popular culture. The history of this negative image. The misunderstanding of the role of a lawyer. The counter-balance to the negative images of lawyers. A mix of image and reality. Looking to the legal system to settle important value questions. Relying on the legal system; the importance of public confidence. The regulation of the legal profession providing a microcosm of the larger challenge. The challenge of the legal profession of redesigning its system for inculcating and enforcing standards of professional conduct in a changing milieu. Ensuring that lawyers maintain the self-restraint that enables them to put service to others ahead of self-interest. Do we have too many lawyers: some thoughts and some numbers. Some alternatives. Confronting fundamental issues by facilitating change in a manner that enhances what is best about the profession and addressing legitimate and long-standing concerns. Rethinking old forms in the context of new needs. Establishing and enforcing necessary standards, applying formidable analytical and problem solving skills to strengthen the profession and expand its capacity to serve the widespread need for legal services. Some comments on the future of the legal profession and on what it depends.