Vladimir Putin

Adams, Sir Grantley

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The challenge presented by the new Federation of The West Indies. Some of the human and political features of The West Indies. A description of the government of each of the countries in the Federation. History and background to the Federation. A discussion of the Constitution. The intention that the Constitution would be an interim one. Trade and economics. The West Indies as a market for Canadian flour, dairy products and manufactures. The weakness of the West Indies economy, and reasons for it. Ways to improve the economy. Strong indications of an upsurge in the entrepreneurial spirit in some territories. The spread of education and existing plans for its growth, especially in the technical field. A patchy pattern of development. The challenge to the new Federal Government of welding together unequal economies into a whole that will be stronger than its component parts. Aid from Canada. Details of the Agreement in the Aid Programme. Some remarks on the Commonwealth link. The West Indies making a positive and unique contribution to the Commonwealth ideal. West Indian students at Canadian universities. A personal note from the speaker.