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Looking back 40 years to Sir Adam Beck, an "empire builder." His vision of Ontario as a great industrial empire, drawing its strength from a well-stocked reservoir of low-cost power. The growth of Ontario's Hydro system to its present status of a billion dollar enterprise, with 1,132 municipalities welded together in a virile partnership. The debt owed to Sir Adam Beck and those who fought at his side to protect the future of Ontario. The plant at Queenston (now The Sir Adam Beck No. 1 Generating Station). Some figures, in Horsepower, of low-cost power supplied to industry and homes on the farm and in the city, covering the period from 1911 to 1950. The revolution in Ontario's economy from one of agriculture to manufacturing. The dollar value of manufacturing produced in 1939, 1945, 1947, 1949 and 1950. The increase in the value of manufactured goods in conjunction with the increase in Hydro's dependable capacity to show the tremendous and vital importance of electricity in the economy of Ontario. Increases in Domestic Consumption. Electricity as the farmer's greatest hired man. Electricity as the driving force that is carrying Ontario forward. Meeting the demands of the past few years. Looking to the future. Hydro's post-war program of new generation, transmission, and transformation, priced at $880,000,000. Plans for opening of steam plants. Power that will be needed and in use by the end of 1956. Beyond 1956. Hydro's duty to protect Ontario's future in terms of providing power. The ability of Hydro to supply low-cost power if they are able to harness the falling waters of the St. Lawrence, from steam plants at about three times the cost of production. Supplying low-cost power dependent on the right to develop the St. Lawrence. Canada's ability to build the seaway. The speaker's conviction that Canada cannot afford to continue to build the seaway without the deepening of the channels in the St. Lawrence River. Evidence of Canada's determination to get on with the job of making the St. Lawrence a reality. Cost of electricity in Ontario in comparison with other places in the United States. The question as to whether or not Ontario Hydro must add to its steam generating facilities. An examination of cost factors. The increased cost of power to Ontario industries if the St. Lawrence development does not proceed.