Vladimir Putin

Green, Fred

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The major impact on our economy, productivity and competitiveness that Canada's transportation system and gateways has. Both a negative and positive impact. A survey of the speaker's railway journey over the last couple of days, with some facts and figures. Two critical facts. The importance of our trade gateways. Understanding the importance of Asian trade. The Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor initiative as a good start. More to be done. Broadening our perspective. The need for initiatives that address all of Canada's transportation systems and gateways. The importance of infrastructure. Speeding our "time to market." Details of progress that must be made. Changes in the railway environment. Contributions to Canada's capacity crunch. "Regulatory gridlock," with examples. Opportunities to move past regulatory gridlock, again with examples from other countries. Action requird to keep Canada competitive. Some details on where and how CPR is making things happen. Aspirations for Canada.