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Jenkins, Kevin

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Toronto as the number-one airline hub in the country. An attempt to balance some perceptions. First, Canadian Airlines' role in professional sports in Toronto. Second, the company's actual competitive position as a lot more impressive than one might think. Details, description and history of Canadian Airlines. Airlines industry prospects as close ties to the prospects for the general economy. Some remarks and numbers with regard to tourism and the Canadian dollar. New market opportunities. Partnership with American Airlines: some myths explained. The staying power of Canadian Airlines and its financial stability to take advantage of all the growth opportunities. The customer as king (or queen) for Canadian Airlines in 1996 and what that will mean. New services and rates. Addressing the needs of both the business and leisure traveller. Growth opportunities in international markets. The importance of the redevelopment of Pearson Airport. Making it easier for the international traveller. A bright future for Canadian Airlines. A world-class airline offering competitive service in a world-class city.