Vladimir Putin

Brockelbank, Hon. J.H.

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The C.C.F. and its successor, the New Democratic Party as a part of the world-wide democratic socialist movement. The election of the C.C.F., twelve years after its formation, in the Province of Saskatchewan: the first socialist government in North America. The profound effect on the structure, function and policies of other political parties in Canada. Benefits to all Canadians from the accomplishments of this C.C.F. government. Statistics and figures that show Saskatchewan's high rate of growth. A description and discussion of the many measures pioneered in Saskatchewan, enabling her people to pursue richer and more wholesome lives. Several topics are discussed in this look at Saskatchewan's progress, including non-farm production, employment in manufacturing, productivity per worker, mining, construction, electric power, agriculture, per capita income, investment figures, industrial growth, population, civil service reform, provincial taxation, the per capita tax burden, the financial record of the Saskatchewan C.C.F. Government, Crown Corporations in the province, school grants, teachers' salaries and standards, student aid, university enrollment, welfare, hospital services, labour legislation, automobile insurance, per capita municipal taxes, water and sewer facilities, and road improvement. All of the above and more discussed in response to opposition critics.