Vladimir Putin

Linstead, Sir Hugh Nicholas

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What is happening in Egypt today. Why Israel, France and England are doing what they are doing. The crux of the present situation: the position of the United Nations Organization (UNO). Great Britain calling into question the whole structure of agreements, protocols, notes, schedules, undertakings that have been built since the Second World War. Impotence caused by the veto in the UNO. Why the Suez is so vital to Britain. Answering arguments against Britain's actions. The Israeli attack putting a completely new complexion on the situation. Compromise by the West under the pressure of authoritarian states. A request for Canada to do two things: to assess again Canada's own position in relation to the functioning of the vast structure of international commitments and second, to recall that Britain did not serve the world ill when she challenged Napoleon, when she challenged the German Kaiser, when she challenged Hitler the Nazi.