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Guthrie, Lieut.-Col. Percy

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How dear the word Empire is to every British heart. Telling of the sons of the Empire who are fighting in France and Flanders today. Going back to the beginning of the war when we all thought little of war; when we had not prepared for war. Preparation by the enemy country. The army of France and the navy of England that did the trick two years and a few months ago. The Old Countries finding that they could not handle the job alone; receiving the call across the ocean. Canada's response. Going to England for training. Ypres. The speaker's personal memories of the battle at Ypres. The gas that rolled down and was turned loose for the first time by the murderous heart of the Huns upon the Franco-Algerian troops. The boys from the Canadian division that did not wait for orders, but dashed up into that gas cloud. The boys from Toronto that were there. The battle of Festubert and the battles since then, always finding the Canadian soldier taking a foremost place. A story to show what men will do for their fellow men and for their country. The story of Costigan, Joe Bollindu, the "Hesperian", the woman from North Bay, and others. Asking the question, "Are we as much a united people as they are over in France and Flanders today?" The speaker's, bringing a message from the boys over in France and Flanders, to tell Canada to "get together." The need for the people of Quebec and the people of Ontario not to delay one minute longer, but to get together. Comparing the ability of the soldiers of more than one race to get together with our inability to do so at home. Our duty to do so as part of the work of the Empire. Answering the call from coast to coast.