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Canada Post and the changes to be seen on the horizon. The vital role played by both the city (Toronto) and the province (Ontario) in driving the Canadian economy. Canada Post's major presence in Toronto, with some numbers. Taking the audience back to the era of Canada Post's transition into a Crown corporation. A brief history, with more numbers. Successes since then. Making great strides with the brand. Results of a survey. Celebrating the 25th anniversary as a Crown corporation. The state of affairs 25 years ago. The political context at the time. Setting the financial house in order. Generating first profits - remaining financially independent ever since. Relations with CUPW. Modernizing the company. What still needs to be done. Canada Post as a part of Canada's infrastructure, with some analogies. Canada Post's important role in the area of economic communications. The need to update Canada Post's physical and electronic network. Comparisons with other postal administrations in industrialized countries. Changes that need to be made and why. Facing the competition. How to advance further and transform into a modern post office. An opportunity. Plans for the near future. Challenges to be faced. Technological change and globalization and their effects on the postal market. Exclusive privilege and what that means. Trying to remain relevant in the future and what must be done to do so.