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Canada's expeditions into the far north. Some of the key personnel of these expeditions and what they saw and accomplished in the north. A detailed description of the expedition of the Eastern Arctic Patrol. Travel of the "Nascopie." Equipment on board and its purpose. Some anecdotes of historical expeditions, of Baffin, Ross, Parry, Sir John Franklin. Cabot's journey in 1497 from England to Cape Breton. White fox fur traded by the Eskimo to the Hudson's Bay Company for clothing, ammunition, food, etc. The victory of Wolfe and what that meant to the dream of a French Empire in America. The organization of the Hudson's Bay Company, proving disastrous to the activities of the company of New France which had a monopoly of the fur business. The story of Radisson and de Groseilliers. How the York Factory became the great fur capital of the north. The people; a description of the Eskimos of the Eastern Arctic and their way of life. General health conditions of the natives and of the mounties and the Hudsons' Bay men. The dogs. The mounties. Saying goodbye at Craig Harbour to men that were having their last contact with civilization until the ship returned next September.