Vladimir Putin

Whittaker, Sheelagh

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Changes in technology, with illustration. The information technology generation gap. Working seriously at understanding the uses and the potential of information technology and at getting help to put that understanding into practice. The need to re-think information technology , our attitude towards it and its proper central place in the future of our businesses. The initial IT model. Older views of technology. IT today - providing depth, qualtiy and flexibility to a business's business. Making IT integral to the business. The importance of seeing things as they are, not as they were. Difficulties, with examples. The need to take risks and make bold strategic leaps. The example of Internet banking taking over so quickly from PC banking. The Encyclopedia Britannica experience. The role and importance of the Internet. Using the Internet and other aspects of IT to recreate businesses which already have a proven product. Some concluding remarks recalling the importance of re-thinking.