Vladimir Putin

Drew, Hon. George A.

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A good time to come to some clear understanding with ourselves about our hopes for the future of Canada, the great Commonwealth which expresses its loyalty to one king, and those wider international organizations with which we are associated. A look back to when the Empire Club was formed 50 years ago, when Canadians had a fairly clear idea in their own minds about Canada's place in world affairs and our relationship to Great Britain and the British Empire. Events and changes over those 50 years. The Communist purpose of world conquest by a godless dictatorship. Arguments put forward against Communism. What we are told is the best answer to Communism. A struggle not so much for ideas as for ideals. The success of human enterprise built on faith. The need for loyalty and faith in our personal affairs, our national life, and in those wider associations which are taking clearer form day by day. Being confronted by an evil power in this age of doubt and unbelief. The need to carefully reconsider the place of religion in the education of our youth. The real strength of our nation in the year ahead to be determined by the ethical standards implanted in the minds of our youth today. Faith in the future of our own country as an essential part of the struggle. Answering the question: "Am I my brother's keeper?" Canada's place and responsibilities in the United Nations Organization and in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Questions to consider about the changing world and the future of the Commonwealth. A quotation from Edward Murrow made in 1946. The nature of the Commonwealth association. What would happen if the Commonwealth should fail to stand together. What we should be teaching our youth. The role that Winston Churchill fulfilled. Leadership. Remembering the old call to loyalty.