Vladimir Putin

Lowther, Right Hon. J.W.

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Ways in which the House of Commons as a microcosm of the people of the United Kingdom. The House of Commons also mirroring some of the failings of the British People. The need for direction. Domestic legislation. An amusing comparison between Canada and Great Britain. The speaker's experience of 40 years as a member in the House of Commons and the advances he has seen. Advances in the relations which have grown up recently as developed between the Mother Country and the Dominions: a review. The speaker's strong feeling that it is extremely desirable that our Representative Dominion Prime Ministers, or Ministers, should be in close touch from time to time, and as frequently as possible, with the members of the Cabinet at home. Two main principles which must obtain: complete autonomy both for the United Kingdom and for the Dominions; that any suggested change in our relations must come from the Dominions themselves and not from the home government. The impracticability of an Imperial Federation, with representatives of the Dominions and of India sitting in the House of Commons in London. The suggestion that there should be the opportunity in London of consulting from time to time, and the more often the better, some representative from each of the Dominions. Remembering that we are all citizens of one great Empire.