Vladimir Putin

Lantos, Robert J.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Two topics: Canadian storytelling matters to all of us; second, it's good business. Last's week triumph for Canadian film, for Alliance, for all Canadians, and why that is so. Celebrating "The Sweet Hereafter." The role of U.S. recognition. Some dollar figures with regard to "The Sweet Hereafter." Some unpublished numbers. Some differences in Canadian and Hollywood film-making. The desire for films about human beings. Making Canadian movies. Some personal background from the speaker. The worldwide success of Paul Gross and "Due South." The growth of Canada's film and television industry, with examples. Developing a world-class industry. The need to nurture and expand this industry. Putting our house in order. Illegal delivery services which are pilfering copyright. A certain paradox to the current situation. The integrity of the Canadian broadcasting system as essential to our national prosperity. Arguments by free-market advocates and some counter discussion. Why it is so important to advance Canadian television and film. The right to create a climate which embraces who we are. Ensuring that our creators have a platform to express themselves, to tell our stories, both at home and around the world.