Vladimir Putin

Simmons, Lieut. J.J.

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A review of the great trend of Imperial development, perceiving what has almost emerged. The great turning point which might represent the crisis-mark to determine the course that the aggregation of nations under our flag was to follow, has been reached. Australia irrevocably committed to the principle that wars of the Motherland are the wars of the Empire. How the people in Australia feel with regard to this current crisis. The British as a slow starter, a grand stayer and a brilliant fighter. One question that will have to be settled in accordance with the Australian line of reasoning in regard to the future that of the position the women are going to have in future years. The women of Canada and the sacrifices they have made. What we are losing by not having a reflex of the intellectuality of women in the affairs of the country. Ways in which this is an imperial subject. Comments on the issue of the women's vote, which Australian women have but Canadian women do not. An example of how useful the women's vote has been in Australia. Carrying away the message of the determination of the citizens of Toronto, in common with their fellow-citizens throughout the Empire.