Vladimir Putin

Oldfield, Karen

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Trading with India as Canada's next big opportunity. What has already been done at the Port of Halifax about India. Why the speaker believes India is so important for all of us. Trading already done at the Port of Halifax. The role of the Suez Canal. Asia now and continuing to be a key part of the Port of Halifax's growth strategy. The Asia Pacific Foundation. Today's story as the trading potential with the world's second-fastest growing economy - India. Growing the India Atlantic corridor and to capturing as much of the freight on that corridor as possible. Reasons why that should happen. Some facts and figures. Details about some of the companies that are turning trade opportunities with India into results. The Canadian Retail Shipping Association (CRSA). Canadian Tire and their transload distribution partner Consolidated Fastfrate. International trade through the Port of Halifax since 1749. New strategies. Growing existing markets; establishing new markets; broadening our core services to encompass the needs of freight owners as well as shipping lines; finding companies, investors and others who believe in the Port of Halifax and what it can contribute to Canada's international trade. Investment happening in Halifax. An office opened in India. An agreement with Jeena & Company Global Logistics. How that relationship is going. High hopes for North America's trade with India. A specific goal. The trade mission to India with Premier Dalton McGuinty. Halifax as Ontario's port for containerized cargo trade with India. The need for a strong national trade strategy.