Vladimir Putin

Vijayaraghavacharya, Diwan Bahadur, Sir T.

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Canada within the British Empire. India within the British Empire. An examination of India within the Empire. India's judicial service. India's Parliamentary institutions. Reaching a happy medium. The 1919 declaration that the goal of India is Parliamentary self-government within the Empire. Getting near and nearer to that goal daily in India. The speaker's belief in, and loyalty to, the British Empire. Ways in which the British Empire is a League of Nations. What distinguishes the British Empire from other empires. The affection which binds the nations of the British Empire together. Loyalty to King George and reasons for it. The British connection that has been responsible for making Indian a nation. Letting India understand Canada; letting Canada understand India; letting all of us feel proud of the Empire and all of us working shoulder to shoulder in peace as we worked in war. Canada in the Empire; India in the Empire; Canada and India together within the Empire as the speaker's message.