Vladimir Putin

Jellicoe, Admiral Viscount

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The true part played by the British Navy in winning the war. The part that Canada played. The speaker's conception of the three duties of the British Navy during war, with a brief discussion of each. First, the destruction of the enemy's armed forces; secondly, to free the seas of enemy vessels and to deny the seas to the enemy's merchant ships; thirdly, to make certain that the seas are quite clear and defended for the use of our own vessels. Several anecdotes to illustrate these duties are related. The two separate and distinct wars with which the navy was faced: the war on surface vessels, and the war instituted by submarines. Turning our thoughts to the future, and the possibilities of future wars. Hope for the work of the League of Nations to prevent war. The continuing dependency for life and prosperity upon the safety of sea communications. Insuring against interruption of our communications in war.