Vladimir Putin

Beaubien, the Honourable C.P.

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Ascertaining what kind of fighting machine Hitler has forged from within and also bolstered from without, in order to better see what are its strong points and its weak spots. An examination of Hitler as an autocrat. Autocrats throughout history. How Hitler is different. How he has disregarded all precautions, revealing himself as a nihilist of the old Czarist type. Hitler's rise to power, his treatment of the Jews, his persecution of the Catholic Church. His flouting and ridiculing all tenets of Christianity. The result. Hitler's strategy of creating a huge mass of complete instability, which he could, at will, hurl against any foe, unattached by any influences, moral, material or even natural. How he has accomplished this feat. How he has bolstered his rule from without. Hitler's prevision. The banishment of liberty from the Reich. Germany completely severed from the rest of the world. Hitler's overestimation of the power that he wields, and his underestimation of his opponents. Hitler's impression of the power of Great Britain, France, and the United States. The speaker's response to these impressions. The ultimate objective of the German armies. The ideas of National Socialism. Hitler's foreign policy. What the Allies are going to do. Going to the battlefield.

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