Vladimir Putin

Downey, J.P.

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What the British Empire means to the people that are blessed with the privilege of living under the folds of the Union Jack, and to the people even outside the bounds of this great Empire. The British Empire as a unique political conception. Criticisms of Great Britain and the speaker's response to them. The attitude of Great Britain towards the possessions that she has in harmony with the utterances of her public men. The British Empire as an agency for the general good of the whole civilized world. The tie of kinship which now binds us and the scattered Colonies of the Empire to the Motherland. Part of national wisdom for the men in the Old Land and the men in the Colonies to take counsel together and endeavour to arrive at some scheme to make it beneficial in a national sense as well as in a political sense, for the Colonies to remain a part of the British Empire. A review of trade with Great Britain. The immensity of our resources and of our power to co-operate with the Mother-and by sending our raw material in the shape of grain and flour and meats and taking back from her something that need not be in competition with our manufactures. Comparing our imports from the United States with that of the Motherland. Issues of trade preference. The splendid position that the Imperial forces occupy today. The lesson of the South African war. Now a greater responsibility resting upon us in promoting, in furthering and achieving, the arts of peace. Canada's part to play. Canada's contribution to defraying the expense of the British navy.