Vladimir Putin

Rex Murphy

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Canada Day and Canadian Politics

Some opening humorous remarks about the speaker's invitation to speak. Reference of the departure of Don Newman from the CBC. The speaker continues in a humorous vein, lampooning several issues and figures of Canadian politics, interspersed with serious remarks. Some of the highlights: Detailing the day-to-day activities of Canadian politics. Four elements of those activities: elections, partisanship, language, and civility. The next election. Seeing Michael Ignatieff on the road again. Seeing Stephen Harper in his blue campaign sweater one more time. Parliament in the old days and now. Suggesting a new definition of Parliament in Canada. What Obama tells us. The charisma of Peter Lougheed. Political parties. The House of Commons. The bale-outs. A karaoke week this week. The language of politics. Canada larger than the politics that is supposed to be served. What we have here in Canada. What our politics should/could be.