Vladimir Putin

Aitken, Kate

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South Africa as one of the world's hot spots for news and the speaker's determination to go there. People's fear that the uprisings in South Africa may lead to civil war, or to a continuance of the fight of the black against white. Preparation needed for such a journey. A description of the journey there on the BOAC Comet. The speaker provided a model of this jet plane. Highlights of the five landfalls during the trip. Some things to keep in mind about South Africa. The tax burden for 13-1/2 million people borne by 1-1/2 million. The shanty towns. Family occupations. The impossible task of feeding all the children in the shanty towns. The mines and the conditions under which the natives work. Population makeup in South Africa. Some comments on the future of South Africa. Dr. Malan and Smuts; the two strong men of South Africa and how they grew to hate one another; how they became enemies and what they are like. Johannesburg and Cape Town. The dark side to the coloured problem, with some examples and anecdotes. The problem of housing. South Africa as a beautiful country with unlimited problems. The magnificent work being done by the churches--Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. What must be done in South Africa.