Vladimir Putin

Baldensperger, Capt. Fernan

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Comparing the early days of the war to the current situation. Knowing what we are about, and that we must carry it to the end. The years prior to the war. Signs of war as early as 1907. The symptoms of German preparedness half veiled from our eyes. One of the most curious prophecies about the coming war. The speaker's personal experiences in the war. Watching the enemy by patrols, by reconnaissance, by observatories, and by airplanes reconnoitering; tapping the German telephones; prisoners, deserters, etc. The speaker's impression, not strategical, but moral and psychological, that we are entirely wrong when we think of Junkerism and Kaiserism as something distinct from Germanism, and how that is so. Seeing the enemy in the trenches. The German attitude that they are the superior race. The German characteristic of submission to authority, with anecdotal illustration. Our aims now more and more well defined between the democratic countries of the west. The United States and Great Britain together.