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Hodgson, Stuart M.

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Mr. Hodgson's various hats and roles in the Northwest Territories. The increased attention on the North because of the activity in the Mackenzie Delta, the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Islands in the search for new energy sources for Canada; also the pipeline proposed by the Arctic Gas group and an application from the Foothill Group in Alberta and British Columbia. The lack of general knowledge about the North and the Polar Seas, despite its increasing importance. A review of what history is known about the area. Difficulties of communication and understanding with the people that live in that area today. A brief history of the explorers that pushed back the Northern Frontier. The situation, both political and social, today, in the various countries and lands that surround the Polar Seas: Alaska, the Soviet Union, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, and Iceland. The future of the North. The need for northerners to have a say in what happens in the North, how it is developed.