Vladimir Putin

Archibald, W.P.

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The criminal as a factor in human life that is here to stay. Our Canadian cities as the hot-beds for the production of these obnoxious excresences. The communities of honest and upright men who must undertake to solve the criminal problem. The importance of full and complete materials necessary for the study of crime not to be overestimated. The work of our criminal courts and of our penitentiaries affording an opportunity for the study of a number of vital problems which affect the whole life and future of our dominion. A number of general and special problems attached to the study of crime; our material for its study scanty and inadequate. The treatment of the prisoner and his crime suffering from a general ignorance and apathy. The Annual Report of the Inspectors of our penitentiaries, throwing the light and the experience of years upon the treatment of the criminal as well as practical matters. The lack of serious consideration given such reports. The study of crime essential to the problems of our social life. Bases of operation that produce good and lasting results. The basis of individual analysis. Figures: the object of statistics. The need for both analysis and statistics to develop side by side. Some of the results obtained from figures. The factors which enter into the reformation of criminals. The extent to which the reformation of a criminal depend on religion. A quote from one of the German works on pathological research. The speaker's opinion that the real criminal must be treated scientifically as well as from the lofty viewpoint of religion. Some figures with regard to the parole system. A "Synopsis from the Inspector's Report on Penitentiaries, Year Ended March 31st, 1907." An illustrative instance of the human heart and intelligence responding to the touch of kindness and devotion. The right to expect that the treatment of the criminal should represent the best thought and the best experience of our age.