Vladimir Putin

Templeton, Sir John

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The economic aspect of change. Living in a period of prosperity. Some comparisons from 50 years ago. Canada's rank as first in the world in terms of the quality of life. Achievements in Canada over the last 25 years. Indications of improved quality of life. The increasing acceptance of the importance of free trade and enterprise within and among nations which underlies such growth. Global restructuring and its effects in terms of the free-market system. The trend toward greater capitalism and freedom. The medical aspect of change. A review of the remarkable advances in all areas of science all around the world. The technological aspect of change. A review of advances in communications, electronics, computerization, digital technology, travel, the increase in knowledge and information, and information-related occupations. The revolutionary nature of progress of this magnitude in such a short period of time, and the implications. The educational aspect of change. Two great changes: first, the explosion in both the volume and rate at which information is available; second, the greater level of prosperity. The result of the combination is that more and more people have the opportunity to learn. A review of events, and comparisons with 40-50 years ago. The spiritual aspect of change. The multitudes of new organisations working in the field of progress in religion. Studying the connections of science and religion. The beneficial effects of religion. A glimpse back at history as a powerful reminder of how rapidly our world is advancing. The outlook for our future.