Vladimir Putin

Jennings, Peter

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The U.S. soldier and what he faces in Vietnam where he becomes "a most unsophisticated fighting machine" because of a complete unfamiliarity with, and lack of training for, guerrilla warfare. The speaker's last trip to Vietnam and what he saw and experienced there. Learning the frustrations of direction and policy. The soldier's frame of reference. What the soldiers have seen and what it has done to their consciences. The speaker's desire to convey this message to the Americans at home. Some facts and statistics about Vietnam. What Americans at home are realizing about the escalating war. The country's mood today of frustration and confusion. A compelling list of questions about American foreign policy in Southeast Asia. The general hawkish attitude which is still the majority viewpoint in the U.S. The fear of Communism, and of China. The attitude of the American dove as opposed to the hawk. The question of morality. Another kind of protester on the university campus and the speaker's belief that "he may turn out to be the most important individual in this whole realm of criticism." A time for a basic realignment of American thinking and reassessment of foreign policy in general and Southeast Asia in particular as a result of the disunity shown by the American people. A closer look at American foreign policy in Southeast Asia. The place for Canada in this issue. Canadians exerting a quiet kind of influence in America on a person to person level. Canada's responsibility by virtue of her proximity and daily interaction with Americans.