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Lindores, Douglas

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The centennial year of our Canadian Red Cross. Ways in which the Canadian Red Cross belongs to Canadians. How the Red Cross is changing--and remaining the same. Some history and a description of the Red Cross, along with some personal background of the speaker's involvement with the organization. The fundamental principles that unite the diverse workings of the Red Cross. The Red Cross as a trusted intermediary of governments, with example. Extending the Blood Services programme from the armed forces to the Canadian public in 1947. Details and figures on the programme today. The speaker's belief that he is facing a tough challenge today, but that alternatives for operating Blood Services poses even greater contradictions, even greater conceptual and practical difficulties. Mistakes of the Blood Services programme of the 1980s. The unfairness of harsh judgments based on hindsight. The Red Cross' support of the setting up of the Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada. Moves to correct deficiencies in the national blood supply system. The court action launched against the Commission by the Red Cross, and reasons for it. The welcome by the Red Cross of the federal Health Minister David Dingwall's initiative to review governance of the national blood supply system. Blood products that will never be entirely risk-free, and why that is so. Products and techniques that will reduce blood usage. Policies and issues supported by the Red Cross. The future role of the Red Cross in the national blood supply system and the factors upon what that depends. What is in the best interest of Canadians. The need for creative approaches, and examples of those taken by the Red Cross. What Canadians can expect from the Red Cross as we approach and pass into the next millennium. Making priorities and putting them into action. Working together.