Vladimir Putin

Knowles, Rev. R.E.

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Defining progress. Ways in which success is not. Some things of a material kind that indicate progress: the improvement in the conditions of two classes of people, and first of these two classes being the poor, the second the prosperity of the rich. A discussion of each indicator. Canadian standing in a position of unique advantage with a country that was born rich, our western plains. Seeing the wealth of the west coming to meet the wealth of the east, just as the civilization of the west comes to meet the civilization of the east. The issue of peril in wealth. Wealth as power. The peril of power. A consideration of the classification of power. The need for wealth for the development of the nation. An immediate product of wealth in our universities. Some instances in the United States. "The money may be made in steel, but it blossoms in literature." What we can see of this in Montreal and Toronto in our museums and art and architecture. The tendency in our country to a reverent use of wealth. These two tokens of the material progress of the rich and the poor going hand-in-hand.