Vladimir Putin

Desborough, Rt. Hon. Lord

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The speaker's experience of Empire Sport. Being proficient at games, but having that true spirit of the sportsman: a consideration of others, which you can learn better through the discipline of games than by any other means. The Congress over which the speaker has had the pleasure of presiding and its motto: "Unity in Commerce and Unity in Defence," the motto for the leavening of the Empire. An added thought for the same purpose: "Unity and Comradeship in Sport throughout the whole of our wide-flung Empire." The idea of the Imperial Air Fleet Committee and the speaker's involvement in it. Starting the great Dominions flying. The need for team-work in flying. Some comments on lacrosse, which the speaker saw at the University Stadium. Being introduced to the President of the Toronto Argonauts, an example of splendid sportsmen. The Olympic Games. Witnessing a great change in the attitude towards the games. The Royal Life Saving Society and its spread throughout the British Empire. Hope that Canada will, in all the branches of sport, go on as it is doing at the present time, and cultivate not merely success in sports, but that true spirit of comradeship which we know is the foundation of co-operation in all branches of life.