Vladimir Putin

Astley, Robert M.

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The transformation we are seeing in Canadian financial services--a pivotal time in the history of this industry. What will happen in the next couple of years and the impact on the shape and texture of all financial services. Uncertainty at an all-time high as we enter this new phase. The need to be clear on the principles used as a compass to guide us. Mutual's guiding principle for setting strategic direction. The financial services industry, never so carefully or openly or publicly scrutinised as now. Becoming a news-maker all about becoming a change-maker--a change for the good. Words that a year ago people barely knew how to pronounce. The need to understand and capture the loyalty of the consumer and satisfy the shareholder. The principle of value creation through service. A detailed discussion of three areas that are radically reshaping financial services: demutualisation and the birth of new stock companies; ownership of converted mutual companies; and consolidation and the question of scale in financial services. Creating and delivering value through service. Discussing the business imperative in light of understanding and satisfying the consumer, and creating value for shareholders. Financial services businesses as people businesses. Changes that are rocking financial services and how they are affecting people. Accountability and stewardship to policyholders. Actions and public policy decisions that Mutual has that affects their ability to serve consumers and broader public interests. Financial services as a privilege as well as a right.