Vladimir Putin

D'Egville, Sir Howard

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The British Empire and of what it consists. The speaker's conviction that in this war not one single portion of the Empire will be lost. Some words about the Empire from Dr. Cody when he was Minister of Education. Every conception of the Empire based upon freedom. No compromise between what the Empire stands for, and what the German idea of domination means. The notion that the causes of this war are economic and the speaker's response to that. The direction of Germany policy. The vital theatre of war as it has shifted to the Middle East. Reckoning with the fine military and air forces of the British Empire, not concentrated in Egypt. The British Fleet doing all it can to establish maritime supremacy. How the Fleet has prevented the invasion of England, as it has done in the past. The position of the North American continent. The British Fleet standing between Hitler and the North American continent. Canada as a link of supreme importance between the United States and the United Kingdom. Some concluding words from Mr. Churchill.