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Wilson, The Hon. Jim

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The government of Ontario's new directions for health care, priorities for change and the audience's role in making these changes happen. The government's commitment to maintaining health-care funding at $17.4 billion. Working to improve the system, with necessary fundamental changes. Doing better for less in many areas. A plan to restructure government on behalf of Ontario taxpayers. Clear aims to reduce costs, balance the budget, create jobs and restore opportunity and hope for Ontarians. Moving out of direct delivery of services. Cutting waste and eliminating duplication. Cutting government overspending. Evaluating each ministry. The development of business plans for each ministry. The business plan that affects every area of the health-care system under the speaker's jurisdiction. The need for a long-term strategy. How far the system has come over the past several decades. The search for new solutions and new directions. How that is going to happen. A redefinition of the Ministry's role in health care in five fundamental ways. Reinvestment announcements supporting the new direction. Making long overdue decisions. Asking health-care partners to also make changes, reduce costs, generate efficiencies, and strive to provide better service for patients. Examples of how this is working. Looking at patient access to care. The critical role played by physicians in this reform and in the health-care system as a whole. A proposed Physician Services Action Plan. Features of the plan. Some specific details of reform. Creating a "smart" system linking partners through an electronic health-information network to integrate information from a variety of health-care sectors to ensure strategic decision making. Progress being made in restructuring Ontario's health-care system.

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