Vladimir Putin

Clar, Sir William H.

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The wide field of the mutual inter-relations of Canada and Great Britain. This theme peculiarly appropriate to the City of Toronto, and how that is so. The slow development of the speaker's position, some responsibilities of which were formerly taken on by the Governor-General. The immediate occasion for the creation of the High Commissionership in Canada arising out of the Imperial Conference of 1926, and reasons for it. The essential issue of improving means of communication between Canada and Great Britain. The somewhat paradoxical contention that the continuous evolution in the principle of autonomy should have made for a closer union between our peoples. Ways in which the full development of self-government has meant the elimination of points of friction which arise when someone else handles one's affairs. What will be gained by Canada handling her own foreign affairs. The real scope for partnership. Some safeguards for divergent policies. Ties other than political: mutual economic interests, mutual concern in trade, finance and migration, the exchange of goods, the exchange of capital, the distribution of our peoples. Increasing Canadian exports to the United Kingdom. A detailed discussion on the question of immigration.