Vladimir Putin

McBrien, Major General J.H.

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The flying age. Some of the salient features of the development of aviation in the British Empire. Acceleration of business due to acceleration of travel. The dependency of our economic and political growth upon transportation. The development of aviation in general. A definition of commercial aviation. The value of a commercial aeroplane from a military point of view. Some statistics of speed. Development of commercial aviation is illustrated with reference to maps presented by the speaker to show planned routes. Routes being developed by the Imperial Airways under subsidy of the British Government, a monopoly. Details of development plans by this company. Comparing development within the Empire to that of Germany and the United States. 52 operating companies today in Canada. Some facts and figures with regard to the number of planes and miles flown in the Canadian operations. 16 flying Clubs supported by the government with 2,400 members, and 10 Flying Clubs under organization. 189 licensed pilots in Canada, up from 72 just a few years ago. The only permanent route operated daily at present that between Montreal and Toronto. Services and development in other parts of Canada. Manufacturing in Canada and the United States. The safety of air travel. Factors that make for safety in passenger traffic. Advantages of air travel. The controversy over which is better: lighter-than-air craft or heavier-than-air-craft. Possibilities for a combination of the two. Looking forward to developments in the power, in types of engines, to give more power per pound weight. The need for Canada to work hard to keep to the fore in this development.