Vladimir Putin

Thorneycroft, Peter

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club of Toronto and the Board of Trade, Toronto. A look outside the field of Canadian-United Kingdom trade, and see how jointly we should face the world beyond. The certainty that we must face it together, and that we are already doing so. Examples of the ways in which the United Kingdom and Canada have learnt to co-operate with mutual profit in exciting developments right across this country. The example of the Toronto Subway and the words of Mr. Duncan at the opening of that subway. How Mr. Duncan's speech epitomizes the co-operation between the United Kingdom and Canada. The new small world wherein walls don't count for much. Barriers that have become not walls but curtains standing against co-operation, friendship and understanding. The paradox that the existence of these barriers has stimulated co-operation and understanding in the free world and have led to, among other things, the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. What NATO owes to the vision and the initiative of Canadian statesmen, particularly Mr. St. Laurent. Canada's contribution to a Western European Defence Force through NATO. Going beyond co-operation for defence to indivisible prosperity. The greater awareness of the needs of populations in other parts of the world. The Colombo Plan. New markets in developing countries. The need for capital, equipment and skill. Canada's contribution to developing countries. Other areas of co-operation in the international field. The scholarship schemes which exist between the United Kingdom and Canada. Building up world trade.