Vladimir Putin

Kuchma, His Excellency Leonid

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The Ukraine entering the decisive stage of the market transformation of its economy. A programme of reforms to Ukraine's Supreme Rada. Seeking support on the part of the world community. Implementing the policy of reforms with rigour and determination. Six priorities of the economic programme. Building from scratch the requisite market infrastructure: steps taken. Developing financial and credit relations and co-operation between Ukraine and foreign banks, perhaps starting in Toronto. Developing relations with the leading Canadian banks. The insignificant volume of trade between Ukraine and Canada: why and how to improve it. Taking the first steps to improve Ukrainian-Canadian trade relations. Some joint ventures. The need for technologies, managements skills and marketing expertise. Promising areas of co-operation. Examples of Ukrainian-Canadian co-operation. New areas to be explored. Potential for co-operation with companies in Toronto and in Ontario. What the Ukraine has to offer. The right conditions for Ukrainian-Canadian co-operation.