Vladimir Putin

Manley, The Hon. John

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The Connecting Canadians agenda. Evidence of the progress through SchoolNet. The finances of the nation on a solid footing. The government acting on things that matter to Canadians. The strength of Canada's public health-care system. Canada's standard of living - maintaining and increasing it. Measuring productivity - some figures. The real concern of a slower rate of productivity growth. Some comments from the media. The views of Canadians. The broad economic conditions of the country coming together. Budgetary surplus; low inflation rate; job creation. Some challenges: overall debt; taxes; stronger business investment; more foreign investment n Canada; taking more chances; continuing to invest in our employees; dependency on too few firms. No quick fix. The Canadian Foundation for Innovation's mandate to fund new and modernised research infrastructure at our universities, colleges, not-for-profit research institutions and research hospitals. Ensuring that our research infrastructure is fully utilised. Accelerating the effort to disseminate knowledge. Accelerating the creation of knowledge and commercialising ideas in Canada. Technology Partnerships Canada's investments in the commercialisation of innovative technologies. More examples of successes. Resolving to address the productivity challenges that are core to a better standard of living in Canada. Putting People First.